Creating a blog for beginners – A detailed guide in 17 steps – What do you actually need if you want to start blogging? Really serious. Quite a lot, I would say. Nevertheless, you can get started relatively quickly. After all, blogging is a thing in the long run. You can be enthusiastic for years, hundreds of thousands have been doing this for years.

Welcome to my 17-part series of articles. I will show you step by step what is important and what you need to know in order to be able to survive in the vastness of the blogosphere. The world of bloggers is big, decision support is necessary.

Everyone started small, without any visitors and with just a few thin posts. Not only is this completely normal, it is a beginning. These 18 articles cover the basics. Of course there is much more to know and try. But that has to wait first … look up terms? Do this in the  blog dictionary

Create blog for beginners

Creating a blog for beginners – a detailed guide in 17 steps

I clearly rely on WordPress and Raidboxes (Aff. Link). You can also do this if you’re serious about blogging. WordPress is THE standard, even if there are alternatives. Why and why, that’s what the articles explain to you. If you like to read a short form, here it is: Blogging with WordPress.

  1. Start blog: Tips for getting started

In which niche do you want to be active? What interests do you have and what do you want to write about? Do you want to start a blog and be a blogger? If you really start from scratch … congratulations, you have the hardest đŸ˜‰

  1. Which blog provider is right for me?

Before you can get started, you need a provider who can provide you with everything you need. In the simplest case, you don’t have to install anything yourself – and you don’t have to pay for anything. Book a service or prefer something of your own, the article clarifies.

  1. What you should know about WordPress hosting

WordPress as a basis and fuel for over 60 million blogs and websites of all kinds has developed like a rocket over the years. Here I describe what you need to know about hosting, web space and managed WordPress hosting.

  1. How to find a good domain name

Free domain names are cheap to get. The selection is also huge. Gone are the days when domains were considered a scarce commodity. This is how you make the best choice.

  1. WordPress Themes – What Matters Really

Don’t spend money on something you don’t need. I’ll show you how to find the right WordPress theme for your blog. Nothing is sold to you here. And I’m not going to persuade you to do anything. So you choose the optimal theme for your project.

  1. What you need to know about WordPress plugins

Plugins are extensions of the existing WordPress functions. By the way, the name means something like stopper. You can imagine that figuratively, the installation is expanded by functions by something that you put into it. This can be extensive, because there are thousands of such extensions that literally allow you to do everything. Plugins are easy to install and get.

  1. Create your first WordPress post

So there we are. It can finally start. In this tutorial I would like to point out important functions in the WordPress editor and tell you interesting facts about them. This is how you write your first WordPress post without grief.

  1. YOU, YOU, YOUR? How do you best address your readers?

It always depends on what you want to convey to whom. It depends on the material, the matter, the niche, the topic. Not infrequently, however, there is no thought at all. I want to change that. I’ll show you all the options. You think.

  1. Methods you can use to quickly find ideas for blog posts

What if you can’t think of new posts ? The blogger blues can hit any of us. Then you sit there, blowing sorrow and wishing for an idea. An idea would now be salvation – or a method.

  1. A perfect blog post needs ten points

. True perfection is unattainable. And somehow boring. So, you can write your blog post as you like. Some do. The others want a blueprint. Because you can also construct a blog post and create it based on a template. And this is how it works:

11. How to write unbeatably good headlines

You can learn how to write unbeatably good headlines and titles that work. You can use them safely, get more attention, and then clear the traffic. I’ll show you how to do it. I also have a long list of magic words for you that you shouldn’t miss.

The bigger and more popular a blog is, the more you can of course do. You need traffic . If you do 80% of your traffic with amusing fun videos, you can forget this part in terms of a loyal readership or even monetization. You need high quality traffic. How much I can’t tell you because it’s relative. You need a little more, expertise , you have proven quality , you know your way around. You and your blog acquire a reputation, a style or stand up for something – one day.

12. What brings your blog traffic – The casual 100 point list

traffic wants and needs everyone. Blogging without being read is also possible, but it’s not fun. It’s amazing where blog traffic can come from anywhere. In the small it seeps out of all possible cracks, in the large it triggers flooding and astonishment. In this posting pretty much all possibilities are included. It is quite possible that this will overwhelm you at the beginning.

13. Why bloggers need SEO

Excellent content ranks anyway and by itself. Or? Is search engine optimization a good thing or is everything completely different? You will need these tips.


Creating a blog for beginners – detailed instructions in 17 steps 3

Nothing works today without the reference to social media . As a future blogger you will also have to deal with it. Instead of dancing at various weddings, choose a service to start with. If you are already privately active on Facebook or you know your way around Instagram, then go ahead. Otherwise, my recommendation for you as a budding blogger is the colorful world of Pinterest.

14. How to be successful as a blogger with Pinterest

This posting is about practical tips. I do not explain Pinterest myself. I assume that you already have an account with Pinterest and have made first attempts. Maybe you uploaded a few pictures , looked around, pinned a little here and there – of course no traffic jumped out of it – and now you’re wondering whether that’s all. Well, of course, it wasn’t all. You haven’t really started yet.


Creating a blog for beginners – detailed instructions in 17 steps 4

First build the blog and get it going, then collect the coal . You have to become relevant. Show something in your niche. Only then has the right time come. If you are too early, you only get frustrated. You would have to put pressure on your few and by no means particularly loyal readers. It will be difficult. You may scare away the few. You may be able to make a living from it if you accept it, if you are energetic and stay on the trigger. It will only work with a lot of hard work. Abbreviations and recipes for making money quickly and by the way you can forget.

15. Blogger, professionalize yourself if you want

to make money The road to money is paved with work. In other words, you have to take care of the path yourself and build it yourself. If you want it. There are very good reasons to keep your hobby.

16. How you as a blogger build up passive income

What could be nicer than going through life independently or even flying (not true, dear travel bloggers …) while the blog is getting the money . The so-called passive income is a dream for many … maybe. Freedom, independence as a blogger, is that possible? And what does it take?

Apart from that, hardworking blog operators can sell books on their topics, organize workshops or speak in front of an audience. You can earn money with affiliate marketing or write and publish for companies. There are more than enough possibilities.


Creating a blog for beginners – detailed instructions in 17 steps 5

You probably live in an apartment or house. You know that it is not done with dishwashing and vacuuming when you order keep going and something on cleanliness give. There is so much more to do. Wiping, toilet and window cleaning. Each room has its own special requirements. If you let that grind, you feel uncomfortable. If you lose control, when it gets fat, you even become a messie. It’s not much different in the blog. What is eating and sleeping in the apartment is the production of contributions. That is not all. Running a good blog requires more. Namely at the beginning fine tuning, later dedicated care.

  1. Maintenance ideas with which you can make your blog better at

least quarterly, you should treat yourself to the major cleaning in the blog. Then you take care of things that have changed over time and areas that are overlooked in daily life. Clever bloggers clean regularly.

  1. All sorts of things you can do for your blog right away You can reach your

goal in small steps. It is even more important to start moving at all. This is usually better with one step than when you take a full tour. 15 minutes per task should be enough. This is how you help yourself, your readers and your blog. You can get started right away.



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