First things first: Yes, it is possible to make money on the Internet.

And all of this even without prior technical knowledge and without large investments.

But what I would like to tell you right away is that a) it is not quick and b) it is not easy.

If you are looking for the quick wealth in 30 days, or you want to earn thousands of euros with just a few clicks, the Internet is not the right way and this manual is not the right one for you.

It’s best to say goodbye to this thought.

Because this article is intended for all interested people who would like to make money on the Internet, but have no idea how it works, what possibilities there are, what opinion or advice they should listen to, and who do not differ between the countless numbers Options can decide.

Earning money on the Internet is no child’s play, usually not a hobby, and certainly not a system in which you can earn a lot of money with just a few clicks from day one.

“Anyone who tries to make you believe this by showing you their own earnings and saying in the same sentence that it is child’s play and that everyone can imitate it usually only wants to enrich themselves.”

I will show you different ways here how you can make money on the Internet. You will also learn the practical implementation. So if you really want to make money and are not just looking for a quick “overnight option”, then you’ve come to the right place.
Again, because it is so important: it will be hard work, you will have to learn a lot, you need patience and perseverance.


Before you even start to deal with a possibility and structure your ideas in your head, I would like to introduce you to six strong methods of how you can earn money on the Internet and thus build a real online business.

In this overview, I chose what I think are the most lucrative options for starting your online business, simply to make the decision easier for you and so that you are not overwhelmed by the almost endless variety of options.

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Admittedly, this principle sounds a bit strange. How should you sell something if you don’t own it? Isn’t that illegal?

But don’t worry, nothing is forbidden or unethical.

Let’s take as an example that you see carved figures for € 75 in a shop in your city. You like the figures, so you take a picture and then offer them for sale on eBay. Once as an auction from 1 € and once at a fixed price of, let’s say 120 €. If the figure is bought at a fixed price, you go to the dealer, buy the figure and send it to the buyer. The margin between the purchase and sale price is your profit.

When you auction, you see how much the market is willing to pay and can thus adjust the price.
This way you can eliminate all of your risk. You have no storage costs and do not have to hope to get rid of your goods in any way. Because when you buy the product, you already have a buyer.

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Niche sites are among the best passive earning opportunities on the Internet. A niche page is actually nothing more than a conventional website, but it only deals with a small subject area, but it is very detailed.

So instead of having a golf website for example, you are creating a niche page about golf clubs. You present the best models, give advice and tips on maintenance, etc. You offer your visitors the perfect place to go if they want to buy a new golf club. To make money, you can place advertisements or link to the offers of online shops and get a commission for every product you buy.
You can also create digital guides, such as how to play golf properly or the like.
The niches do not always have to be about a product, but can also be designed from the start to sell an information product – that is, to solve a problem for the target group.


With this method, you can monetize your niche site. Basically, other websites pay you for bringing them visitors who perform a specific action. So that you can, for example, register with your email address or buy a product.


With affiliate marketing, you get a commission for each product that was bought via a link you created. This is absolutely serious and is offered by companies such as Amazon or Zalando. For example, if you create a niche golf club page, you link to different golf clubs on Amazon.
In this article, you will learn more about how you can make money with Amazon.

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Own information products are for example e-books, fitness programs or video courses.
You have a very high profit margin for digital information products. You “only” have to create it once and then sell it forever. There are no new costs for each product sold and you have no storage costs, since everything is purely digital.

Can’t you really imagine what kind of information products you can create?
For example, I learned a niche disco dance page where I offer a course that teaches men how to dance properly at the disco. With this niche site I earn over 2000 euros per month. You can read my exact procedure here in the case study .
In the course of this article, you will also learn more about creating digital products. If you want, you can jump straight to this section here.


If you are concerned with making money on the Internet you will hear of many different “systems” and “tricks”. It may well be true that some people make money from it. Usually, however, it is only the seller who turns you overpriced course.

The following ways to make money online are mentioned frequently, but they don’t work or only partially.
Surveys are particularly popular. But that is neither long-term nor can you really make money here. A few euros are without question, but nothing more. For surveys, the websites on which you can take these surveys are particularly worthy. You, on the other hand, exchange your time for money.


I’ve mentioned it a couple of times: passive income.

But what exactly is that?
Passive income means that you make money without working for a certain amount of time. However, this does not mean that you do not have to work. On the contrary, at the beginning you earn very little because everything is still under construction. Over time, however, you no longer have to work actively on it and still have a steady stream of income.

The great thing about earning money on the Internet is the fact that once you have built something up, you can earn money regularly without constantly investing new time. Regardless of whether you are sitting in a restaurant, on vacation, or doing your regular work: You continue to earn money passively, without active intervention


Let’s say you decide to make money with affiliate marketing through your own website. To do this, you need to invest time and energy at the beginning and ensure that enough visitors come, the website is created and articles are written. However, once you have done that, you still make money without having to work for a certain amount of time.

You can find out more about passive income in this article.


Don’t make the mistake and just start any website with any information that interests you and hope that enough visitors already come and that you will somehow make money with Google Adsense or other advertising banners.
Learn the three principles of a successful online business and check your idea whether it has the potential to become your own business.
Read the short and concise article:


The success of your website depends on choosing the right niche. If you are not sure yet what exactly is a niche, I recommend this article.

There are roughly 3 criteria that make up a good niche:

  • Sufficiently high demand
  • Consumer acceptance
  • Not too much competition yet

Furthermore, it is advantageous if you are interested in the topic or, in the best case, already have previous knowledge. So the motivation is simply to stay on the ball. There are several ways to find
a lucrative niche . Take a look, for example, at what you, your family, or friends of yours have recently bought. So no things from the typical Saturday shopping, but not everyday purchases.

You can also write down 7 of your fears or problems. For example, pimples, sweating, burglary, job loss etc. In this way you get 7 negative niches.
Negative niches include things that money is spent on because people have a problem and want to solve it. These include guides, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The exact opposite is the positive niche. This includes, for example, clothing or jewelry, i.e. things that are bought for pleasure or fun.

From my experience I can tell you that more money is made in negative niches. Here there is simply the “compulsion” for people to do something to solve their problem.

Another option is to ask various “W questions”.

For example:

  • -How do I get white teeth
  • -How do I find a woman / man
  • -What to do about sweating

You can find out more in this article . In this way you should find different potential topics. But of course now you have to determine how often it is searched for. You can find out with so-called keyword research.


A high search volume is certainly an advantage.

There is a rule of thumb that says that a visitor to a niche page is worth an average of 10 cents. This formula is very imprecise, so please don’t commit yourself too much. I just want you to be able to imagine the approximate size. Then we look at the CPC. This is the so-called cost per click. The cost per click shows how much companies are willing to pay per click on their ad above the search results in Google. In the Keyword Planner you can see the “Proposed bid” in the right column. In our case, the CPC is € 1.25. Basically, I recommend that the main terms in your niche have a CPC of at least € 1. This is a good threshold to recognize that money is being spent in your niche. But a good keyword doesn’t just have a high CPC. It is also a so-called money keyword. This means that the term clearly shows that the searcher is interested in buying.

For example:

  • -Keyword buy
  • -Keyword order online
  • -Keyword price comparison
  • -Keyword voucher

There are other combinations, but I think the principle has become clear to you. Anyone looking for the keyword in this combination has already decided to buy something. If you optimize your niche page for these keywords, you will get exactly the traffic through which you earn money.
Make sure there are potential buyers in your niche. Because if nobody wants to buy something, you won’t make any money with your niche site.


There are various ways to get traffic.

For example, you can start advertising on Facebook or send emails. But visitors via Google are very important. This is how you get targeted traffic regularly and free of charge. In Keyword Planner you have already seen how high the monthly search volume is. To get these visitors, your website must be optimized for the Google search engine. Because only in this way is it found for the individual terms on Google.

Over time, you’ll try other methods of driving traffic, such as YouTube videos or viral marketing strategies. But for starters, you should focus on getting your visitors through Google.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  Before we start looking at search engine optimization. Do you notice how far you have come?

Before we start looking at search engine optimization. Do you notice how far you have come?

At the beginning of this article, you weren’t even sure what earnings opportunities there were, what worked and what didn’t.

Now you know about niche sites,

and website building.
You are much further ahead than before!

But what comes next is no less important. It’s about search engine optimization, i.e. making your niche page visible to Google.

You probably know this: you want to buy something and search for it on Google. However, you will not click on the 8th result on the fifth page, but on one of the results that are at the top of the first search results page on Google.


Offpage optimization, on the other hand, does not change the appearance of your niche page. This measure is mainly about building backlinks.

Backlinks are links from other websites to your niche site. This tells Google that your niche page has to be pretty good, since even other websites link to you.
Since there are also some things to consider with offpage optimization, I have published a very detailed article with the basics of building backlinks . There you will learn what possibilities there are to get backlinks and how you can assess the quality of these links.

This is also a very detailed article, but don’t let that irritate you. Even if everything is new and unusual for you at the beginning, you will notice after just a few weeks how naturally you speak of backlinks, an improved OnPage structure and the like.


In order to keep your niche site up to date and answer all questions of your target group, you should regularly publish new articles and contributions. Not everyone is able to write an interesting text “just like that”. For this I recommend you to write my instructions for the blog article .

In it you will learn, among other things, that the actual writing of the article takes up the least part of the time and which steps you should take beforehand in order to deliver good content to your readers.
Basically, you should rather publish less and focus on quality instead. There are tons of any top 10 list articles with 500 words on the net. Try to distinguish yourself clearly by providing detailed and well-researched texts.

The length of a text also influences the position of your niche page in the search results on Google. Take a look at this graphic based on the Searchmetrics study.


As you now know, there are various ways to monetize a niche site. So you can advertise products through affiliate programs or create a digital product yourself, for example in the form of an e-book or video course. If you are thinking about doing this, I recommend this article from me. There you will learn everything about creating and selling a digital info product.
In the following I will now go into two important aspects. On the one hand the design of products and websites and on the other hand on the creation of sales pages.

How important is the design of products and websites in internet marketing?

This question does not only concern niche sites that are supposed to sell digital products. Every niche site owner should give some thought to the design of their site.

Basically: “Keep it simple”

Websites like those presented under CSS Awards are of course very nice to look at, but not the right model for a niche site. Because you will probably have no or little experience with programming languages. Most of your energy and time should also flow into the content of your niche site and not into the design.
Instead, pay attention to the simple and intuitive operation of your niche page. Too much text or choices on the home page confuse new visitors.

It is also important that your website is optimized for mobile use. This makes it accessible not only on computers and laptops, but also on tablets and smartphones. You can check this with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test .
Since almost 50% of Treffics now come from mobile devices, you should not neglect mobile optimization.

You can have the cover of an e-book or course created for $ 5 on fiverr.

Wow, first of all great respect to you for fighting your way through this long article and not getting out before.


  • -You have ideas?
  • -You want to do it?
  • -You are motivated?
  • -Are you ambitious?
  • -You are in the starting blocks?

Are you wondering how best to start?
Then this article is just right for you. There I will show you on the basis of 5 points how you should start and there are fundamental things to be considered so that the course is set for success and the train can head in the right direction.

In the following article you can find out how best to start building an online business . But don’t forget one thing when it comes to personal requirements: everyone can do it.
Regardless of whether you are a student, student, housewife, warehouse worker, bus driver, secretary or anything else by profession: Anyone can do it.

If you have not previously registered for the free 10 day niche site course, you now have the opportunity to decide again. If you already registered earlier, you should have already received the first email by now.

I know that this was a lot of information now and it was about topics that you may never have heard of before. But I also hope that I was able to give you a good overview and impression of how you can really make money on the Internet and what requirements you need for it. If you have any questions or are still unclear, you are welcome to contact me at any time .

I would be happy if you continue to deal with the matter and do not let the scope and the supposed complexity put you off.

Don’t give up, just stay tuned and keep going!
And above all: start to implement what you have learned today.



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