When it comes to receiving payments from abroad, there are only a handful of companies. I found out about the Payoneer service in 2009, but recently started using it. After determining how much money I can save if I get money through Payoneer through PayPal, I’m now trying to get the majority of my affiliate and promotional payments through PayPal. (I will share the difference and the money I saved through this in future posts).
I am looking for more information and will share more learning and use cases with you in the coming days.

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For today, I’ll be reporting on the free Payoneer mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android . In this post I will share my experience with the app. If you are already a Payoneer user, you would like to have their mobile app.

Payoneer mobile App

For those who have never used Payoneer, it is a service like PayPal that allows you to receive payments from abroad ( more information can be found here ). You can also use Payoneer to receive payments from various affiliate programs, including the Amazon affiliate program . Freelancers can send an invoice to their customers and your customers can pay by credit card.

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What I like most about them is the minimal transaction fees that would save a lot of money on every transaction. In most countries, they offer Payoneer cards that users can use as an ATM card or for online payments. Unfortunately, due to the regulations of the Indian government, we and I and other users in India cannot take advantage of the Payoneer Master Card. For Indians, your balance will be transferred to the bank account the next day. If you want to learn more about the problems of Indian bloggers and freelancers due to this regulation , read here .


For the moment if you don’t have a Payoneer account, I recommend you create one using the link below. You will receive a sign up bonus of $ 25 (guaranteed) which you will receive once you have completed your first $ 100 transactions.
Create a Free Payoneer Account (Get a $ 25 Bonus Sign Up Amount)

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Now that you know about a useful service for your customers, it’s time to take a look at the test of the newly launched mobile app. It’s no problem that mobile apps are essential these days and that all advanced companies have one for all major mobile operating systems.
Features and evaluation of the Payoneer mobile app:
The Payoneer mobile app provides access to your detailed transaction and payment history and is available in over 18 languages. If you are already a Payoneer user or have just registered, download the app for your smartphone using the following link: Download the Payoneer app for Android
Now log in to your app with your Payoneer account. Once you’re in the app, the first thing you need to do is set your language (except English) and add 4 digital login codes to ensure additional security.

Payoneer Mobile app settings

You can also change the password of your Payoneer account using the mobile app. For this reason, I think automatic login is not currently activated, which I hope you would allow in the future.
You can use the app to check your recent transactions or any transactions you have made. I have checked it for the last year and it worked perfectly.
All the Transaction List
You can also click any transaction in the list to view the details. Here is an example of transaction details from my app:

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Transaction details on the phone

The app also offers other options such as displaying your billing address and accessing the forum via the app. You can also open a support ticket. All in all for freelancers, digital nomads or digital marketers who travel a lot.
I would be looking forward to more features in the coming days. Try the app for now and let me know your views and experiences with it. In the coming days I will share many interesting tricks and the use of the Payoneer web service.

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Create your free Payoneer account
Let us know how you use Payoneer. What is your experience and why do you prefer to receive payments?


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