Learn how your paragraph length works in 2020 – What does a paragraph length evaluation do?
The paragraph length assessment checks whether your paragraphs are too long. We recommend that you keep your paragraph length less than 150 words to ensure maximum comprehension while reading. Long paragraphs are difficult to read and can make text appear less attractive.

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How important is improving your paragraphs for ease of reading and SEO?
Good content is an essential part of any seo strategy. No content, no rating. But when search engines improve their reading and comprehension of text, they also improve line filtering. Well written, reliable and understandable text will have a much greater chance of arrangement than something quickly thrown together. A great article is defined by terrible paragraphs. These paragraphs link text together and help people – and the search engines – understand it.

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Do you want to improve your vertebrae?

Good writing doesn’t become natural for many people, but with practice you can learn how to write good text. The more you write, the better for you. In the end, you will find it easier to come up with an idea, how to form that idea in a text and how to structure this text with paragraphs and sub-headings.

There are a few things to remember when writing a paragraph. First, you should see a paragraph as a thematic unit. Everything you want to say inside this paragraph should be included in that paragraph. Second, a good paragraph starts with a basic sentence and the rest of the paragraph is spent explaining this. In this way, the reader can read the first sentences of the paragraphs and know what the article wants to say. Third, use Yoast SEO to help with your reading. The plugin helps you to reduce this annoying negative sound, those long sentences and dense paragraphs.

Why your paragraphs shouldn’t be too long

Properly sized paragraphs play an important role in making your text readable and scannable. Let’s start with the aspect of readability. Large text walls are not very readable and tend to scare your readers. Imagine that this entire article is just a great paragraph! You would probably have left the page even before reading the introduction. Paragraphs help divide your text into small, easy-to-understand fragments, which reassures your readers. Each time a paragraph ends, it gives its readers the opportunity to relax and think about what they just read. This really helps them make sense of the entire text.

Paragraphs also help readers scan their text more easily. When people end up on a page, they rarely start reading the article from beginning to end. First they want to see what they can expect before spending a lot of time reading the full text. People tend to scan headings and the first sentences of each paragraph. By dividing your text into paragraphs that reflect the topics you are addressing, people will be able to understand what your article is about in a very short time.

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What does a good paragraph look like?

A good paragraph provides information on a unique and well-defined aspect of the topic you are discussing in your article. Consider the two paragraphs below the first title of this article, for example. The first addresses why the paragraphs make your text more readable, the second discusses why they make your text more scannable.

Your paragraphs should start with a central sentence that summarizes the content of the paragraph. Just review each first sentence in this article. All give the reader an idea of ​​the message of the entire paragraph. These sentences help the reader decide if the paragraph is worth reading.


But how long should your paragraph last? That depends on the context, but at least it must have more than two sentences. If your paragraph has more than 200 words, it is almost certainly too long. At that time, it becomes difficult for most readers to understand and it is probably better to divide it into different subparagraphs. Long paragraphs are also more difficult for highly qualified readers. This is often underestimated. Of course, if you are writing for a more competent audience, they will tend to be a bit more forgiving. However, that does not mean that your text would not benefit from shorter paragraphs. Presenting complex information in an accessible way is an art, not a deficiency.

How do I keep my paragraphs short and sharp?

If you have trouble limiting the length of your paragraphs, take a look at the entire text. Try to write the main topics and then all the individual aspects that you are discussing in your article.


As you can see, this allows you to divide the text neatly into different parts. You can address them in separate paragraphs. It is probably a good idea to do this even before writing your article. If you notice that a specific aspect is taking up more space than you expected, just consider whether you can divide it into two separate aspects. This will almost always be possible. If not, you can get away with a long paragraph here and there.


You should avoid long paragraphs because they make readers can read and scan your text. Good paragraphs discuss a single well-defined aspect of the subject in question. They begin with a central sentence and generally should not exceed 200 words. If you tend to have difficulty limiting the length of your paragraphs, consider dividing your article into a schematic view. Then, consider whether you can divide larger paragraphs into shorter paragraphs.



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