The 10 best landing page design examples that will highlight your website in 2020 – The term web design is normally used to describe the design process related to the front-end (client side) design of a website, including writing markup. Web design partially overlaps web engineering in the broader field of web development. Web designers are expected to have knowledge of usability and if their role involves creating brands, they are also expected to be updated with web accessibility guidelines.

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The design of the landing page is what determines if the client will continue browsing his page or if he will use the exit button. It plays a vital role in your business. Keep that in mind; The main objective of a landing page is to generate leads that should give you perspectives that lead to the sales funnel.


Therefore, detailed planning before embarking on the design of the page is essential. Do not hurry to finish. Take the time and investigate what others have done, and learn from those who have failed, so you don’t repeat the same mistake. Web design is an art that you can learn or hire someone to do it for you. Remember to do a page test before starting the design of your landing page.

10 landing page design examples


When you visit the Cigital landing page, you will find it as a simple page that you have seen. The title, images and description, you will find relevant and informative. The CTA here is the “E-Book” that cannot be lost in a bright yellow color.


The professional wing

This Thomas Edward page describes what you will expect in your supplementary training session if you sign up. Your call to action button leads to “complementary”, when pressed, an interstitial form appears to show you where to complete your data if you feel comfortable doing so. So, if you are seriously looking for a date that can become a relationship, this landing page will guide you.

Muck rack

This page will be quite attractive, with clear headings that show all the services offered by Muck Rack. He also uses professional appointments from the industry that show that he has confidence in his work. You will appreciate the smooth navigation and the intuitive page. The call to action you will find here is two separate categories of person; Find the journalist form and create a free portfolio. There are hidden forms that only open when you click on the call to action buttons.


They have a simple and clear personalized title. The green color used for its background appears with a contrast of a white form, which is its CTA. It is placed in the center and requires only one field to fill out. They have added the correct image that breaks the blank page.

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You will find an exciting web design with a title that says: “Let’s keep in touch”, which will make you smile and probably do what is necessary. Your CTA is a blank form that doesn’t seem complicated. You will also find samples of newsletters that have been made previously; This helps you understand what to expect.


They have presented a copy of the pop-up image with a “start” on the blue button as a clear call to action. The minimalist design also makes it stand out. Contently uses simple icons that help people know if the message is delivered. They have used testimonials to strengthen their reputation.

Base camp

They did well using a simple design, with an intriguing cartoon character that suits the brand. In its holder, evidence of previous companies that have signed with them, showing credibility, have been included. They show a free 60-day trial offer with a registration that does not require your credit card.

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The headlines give the customer a reason why they should buy their product with words that say “the brand of mattresses with the # 1 rating of America.” The images provide a beautiful homey feeling, which every family is likely to admire.

Other things that follow are; Customer Recommendations; Some come from big brands like Fast Company and ordinary people. A pricing table that helps the customer decide if they can continue with the call to action button, “Buy now”, which also tells you what will happen after clicking and free delivery to those within the city.

Those looking for such products get the security of this clear design page, especially with the guarantee of a risk-free comfort of 100 nights of sleep.

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Its header has a capture form that provides adequate information about the company, with a free report that will probably generate and increase conversions. It probably works because visitor details are not required. The CTA here is the red button that says “View report” after entering your company’s email.

The color of the call to action button offers a good contrast to the background page. They also show badges from popular brands such as Coca-Cola, social tests and iconography, which provide details of how their platform works.

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They have a clear and direct holder that indicates Quips UVP. The images show brushes of different sizes and assure visitors that with Quip you will get your ideal brush. They have also included reviews of the best brands such as the American Dental Association that give credibility to your product.

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You cannot miss a summary of the benefit of Quip, with each one well explained in a separate section along with its images. It shows a well thought out, beautiful and attractive web design. Its price page section allows the visitor to decide on the type of model they can buy. The call to action here is “Get Quip” simple and clear.

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with the ten previous landing page design ideas, if inspired, you can emulate what they have done. Assuming you are not a web designer. Now you can arrange an attractive page for you. We have intentionally chosen the best so you can understand why your brands are at the top.

The 10 best landing page design examples that will highlight your website in 2020


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