How to prevent wrinkles in 2020 – and stay healthy – Technically, when I was a 20-year-old young man, I was at the height of my youth, meaning I could still escape sleep for one night without writing on my face. But I know that the key to preventing wrinkles is to start early. What exactly should I do? I looked at the skin expert and the meanings of Renée Rouleau aging to smash it.


Skin care regimen

Find something developed for your skin type. Pay attention to any skin type you have – is it oily? dry? Acne prone to? Using products that meet these issues will keep your skin healthy overall.

It does not break the basic rule of skin care. Regardless of the matter, you should always wash today’s makeup, oils and bacteria. Before bed, you should cleanse, exfoliate, tone and apply serum with anti-aging properties under your moisturizer.

But you should easily go on anti-aging products. Now more than ever, young women are realizing taking anti-aging preventive measures. While this is a good thing, we can overdo it. “Many anti-aging products contain active active ingredients in which they increase cell metabolism and may be very active in younger skin,” explains Rolo. “Since the skin in its twenties is already active in metabolism, activation of anti-aging products may lead to further escape.” Instead of leaching onto extremely mature products, focus on the basics of washing, moisturizing and protecting the skin from the sun.

Get a face. Rollo says a monthly cleansing of deep pores on the face is a must. It is ideal for women in their twenties because they not only prevent aging, but destroy bacteria to prevent acne blemishes. If you cannot spring for a month, try going four times a year to coincide with the seasons.

Use an eye cream.

By starting at a young age, you can help prevent wrinkles from appearing in the eye area, the first part of the face that shows signs of aging. “If you are in your twenties and are starting to see fine lines appear around the eyes, you should use a well-prepared eye cream to keep the sensitive area nourishing and protected.” Try: Renée Rollo’s Eye Repair Cream ($ 61.50).

Food and drink plan

Eat foods rich in antioxidants. By minimizing cellular damage, they fight aging inside and out, as well as being rich in fiber, low in saturated fat and a good source of vitamins. Look forward to green leafy vegetables, fruits, and anything that contains omega-3 (wild salmon), avocado, nuts / seeds, and berries.

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  • drink a lot of water. We have been trained to believe that eight glasses a day is the first size that works for everyone for how much water we should drink. But in reality, there is no magic number. “The water needs are individual and can vary according to body weight, level of activity, health status and temperature outside,” says Rollo. One rule of thumb that you can follow is one ounce for every 30 calories you consume. If the math equation is not, download the iDrated app for the phone, which will determine exactly how much you should drink by age and weight.

Rollo tips:

  • Drink a cup of water as soon as you wake up.
  • Keep water beside your bed when you go to sleep at night.
  • Keep water in your office at work.
  • Put a sticky note on the computer to remind you to drink.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you in your bag.
  • Drink before, during and after exercise. If you have been exercising for longer than 60 minutes, consider drinking a sports drink.

Sun protection

The broken record does not seem, but undoubtedly, sun protection is the best way to prevent skin aging. You should use sunscreen every day of the year, and not only when it is sunny. “On the beach, people often focus on SPF, but it’s about generously applying sunscreen and reintroducing it a lot (at least every two hours),” says Rollo. If you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, and you need sunscreen that dries to a matte finish, use a zinc oxide formula. “For dry to dry skin, we have a chemical-free formula that’s all mineral,” says Rollo. If you mistake laziness, dust on mineralized SPF powder on the face is a quick and easy way to instantly protect skin from sunlight.

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“Sleep is the time when your body will repair the damage it causes today,” says Rollo. “This process stops the movement of cells to slow and interfere with proper blood flow to the skin, causing the skin to be swallowed.” Lack of sleep may worsen all skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Sleeping beauty is men real thing.

Typically your 20s are associated with late nights, early mornings, starting your career, falling in love and finding yourself…not wrinkles! However, factors ranging from too much time in the sun (hello, spring break!) to environmental pollution or even certain medications can cause a wrinkle in your 20s timeline (no pun intended!) We rounded up a few expert dermatologists to share tips on how to beat lines before they start —and reduce the appearance of the ones you already have. There’s no need to read between the lines here!

Always cover up

“Sun damage and genetics [are the biggest causes associated with wrinkles before maturity],” explains dermatologist Dr. Mona Jawhara. “Ninety percent of the signs of skin aging come from exposure to ultraviolet light.” La Roche-Posay Anthelios is the ultimate wrinkle protector, because it blocks wrinkles that cause ultraviolet radiation.

Different lines from wrinkles

“Fine lines are usually seen on the surface of the skin and the skin is deep,” says Dr. Julie Rusak of the Department of Dermatology Rusac. “It is usually due to the irregular thickness of the underlying dermis and dehydration. Wrinkles are usually deeper and classified as dynamic or static. Dynamic wrinkles appear by the movement of the facial muscles below and not permanent at first but rather deeper over time.”

Find a working system

“This is the first step in the treatment: Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer BB Lotion SPF 50+ (my favorite), glycolic 20 pads (from my office) and SkinMedica TNS Skin Essential Serum,” says Dr. Gervais Gerstner of L’Oréal Paris Dermatology. . “Clarisonic devices also love to wash your face and clean it – it removes makeup six times better than your hands.”

Moisturizing is the key

“Moisturizing and exfoliation are two main ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and slow the appearance of deep wrinkles. [Topical products that are both corrective and preventive should be chosen,” Dr. Rusak shares. “A new product I’m very excited about is SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3, a highly concentrated cocktail for multiple correction and prevention, created primarily for younger skin with first signs of aging.”

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Skin color affects wrinkles

“People with light skin and blue eyes are more susceptible to the effects of the sun than dark skin,” says Dr. Rusak. “Since the sun weakens the structure of the skin and accelerates collagen breakdown, more fair skin is more vulnerable to sun damage. This relates to the amount of melanin in the skin, as melanin provides a level of sun protection.”

Wrinkles can be reduced

Dr. Gerstner explains that “topical subjects such as glycolic and retinol can help the appearance of fine lines.” Growth and antioxidant factors can also help with skin texture. Face oils are also a big secret – they can be used to give your skin a glow like L’Oreal Paris Glow Rejuvenating Face. ”

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Injections are an option

“We are starting to use the injections completely differently now in the era of our mothers,” says Dr. Gohara. “We use it much more quickly to prevent progression from dynamic wrinkles to static wrinkles, but we use them in much smaller quantities to give patients a softer, more relaxed look instead of freezing. You don’t want to eliminate movement in the face, you don’t want to straighten the permanent lines.”

It is not too late

“[In terms of the skin care regimen] it starts sooner rather than later,” Dr. Rosak recommends. “Skin care is important but people tend to overuse it with harsh ingredients, which in the long run can harm the skin more than help it. You only have one complexion, you should last long, and be gentle with it.”

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Consider retinol

“Retinol products are also great because working to increase collagen production and reduce collagen breakdown,” says Dr. Gohara. “Vitamin C serum and other antioxidants reduce free radical damage and aging as well.”

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